Bougie on a Budget: My Favorite AliExpress Finds

If you guys aren’t familiar with AliExpress…. smh… go check it out now!! It is a shopping site/app that offers TONS of vendors based out of China. The products are super affordable so if you are patient to wait for shipping from China (usually free) to get a good deal, then this is for you luv. They also offer coupons all the time, as well as minigames where you can earn extra coupons!

If you sign up with my link and you automatically get $19 worth of coupons, trust me, $19 can get you a lot on this site!

The one downside to this site is that not all sellers are reputable, as in most situations. So my biggest recommendation is prior to purchasing just check the seller’s rating and the actual product reviews. Any product that has been purchased by someone at some point will have reviews, most with pictures as well, so you will be aware what you are purchasing.

I have been shopping this site for legit years and  there is like never a time where my cart has less than 30 items in it.. so I figured it’s about time to share some of my favorite purchases, just wait till you see the prices!!!


Buying clothing from this website can seem tricky, just pay attention to sizing as it can be different. Sellers offer size charts which are helpful but I still stick by checking reviews.

Faux Leather Jacket $13.59

2020-02-06 (6)I was hesitant at first purchasing this as I didn’t know what the quality would be, but the reviews were great and I am so happy with this jacket! I had been looking for a faux leather jacket and how can you beat this price?! I typically wear a XS/S and went with a S with this jacket, it fits but if you want some extra arm room or want it a lil over-sized. I got black but it also comes in a cute maroon/wine red that I lowkey need in my life.


Solid Lettuce Trip Crop Top $6.99

2020-02-06 (13)



I love this top SOOO much, it is a little see-through so just make sure you wear a nude/white bra (or f*ck it and wear a cute color bra) Totally worth the price, it is comfy and fits perfect!! I went with an XS in the camel color, it comes in 4 different color options.


Long Sleeve Square Neck Top $6.47

2020-02-06 (17)

This is a serious staple for me, I pretty much wear it to work at least once a week. SO comfortable and surprisingly thick material, there is also a double layer at the chest so it is not see-through. I got a S in black and will be ordering white and red soon.





Personalized Name Necklace (45cm) $4.99

2020-02-06 (8)

I wear a lot of jewelry, but also change it up all the time, so it is not practical for me to buy all nice jewelry. This seller allows you to choose a font, metal color and customize a necklace with your name. I also got my sister one and she loves it! Just keep in mind it is not real gold/silver so avoid showers etc.


Hollow Heart Choker $0.66

2020-02-06 (15)


Super cute and is adjustable. Comes in silver or gold (again not real)





This site is sooo useful for basic things we need that can be taxed when purchasing in store.

MAANGE 12pcs Brush Set $3.16

2020-02-06 (3)I personally purchased this brush set specifically for the cute lil mini fan brush (ahhmazing for brow bone and nose highlight) but having a ton of extra eye brushes is super handly, especially if you play around with eyeshadow like me and don’t want to ruin your good brushes. Also good for nail art!



DUcare Double-Sided Eyebrow Brush $2.00

2020-02-06 (21)


I bought this brush in 2017 and still use it to this day… that’s kinda scary lol.. but this brush is perfect, I’m so picky with brow brushes and this checks all my boxes



Jade/Rose Quartz Facial Roller $1.82-$6.62

2020-02-06 (23)


Black Fine Tooth Metal Pick Comb $0.73


5ml Metal Refillable Perfume Bottle $0.75

2020-02-06 (4)This was a great purchase, I am kind of over the body mist scent, I prefer perfumes that last me through the day. When you buy a nice bottle of perfume, it is not always convenient to carry the whole bottle in your purse. That’s where these lil guys come in. I put these in stockings for all my girls and family for Christmas and they were a huge hit (um and less than $1) They are decent quality and the sprayer works great! Good affordable gift idea (even for yaself)

One of my most boring but also most useful purchases was this set of metal straws. I don’t want to get into the whole plastic straw situation, but I did decide to purchase metal ones for myself. This set comes with 4 straws, 2 straight ones and 2 that have a bend (for shorter glasses). I use these religiously, they even give you a little cleany thingy so they don’t get naaasttyyy.

2020-02-06 (2)This seller has great reviews and offers different options including various colors, more/less straws, and the option for a little bag, which I recommend and wish I had gotten as I would love to keep one in my purse.The best part about these straws? The set I got was only $1.70 and free shipping!

4/8pcs Metal Straw Set


Fun Novelty Socks $1.72

2020-02-06 (10)


Holographic Nail Powder (1G) $1.41

2020-02-06 (19)This is one of my favorite purchases period. The small jar lasts a long time and applying the holo is surprisingly easy. I will be doing a post on holographic nails soon so stay tuned! This seller offers TONS of different holo powder colors so stock up.




Rosalind Clear UV Gel Topcoat $1.00

As most of you probably know, I do my own acrylic/gel/dip nails. In my Budget Nails Tutorial, I shared my secret nail supplier (AliExpress). Forreal though, the price of their nail accessories and tools is incomparable to buying it in store. Obviously not everything is GREAT quality, that’s why we read reviews sis.

To see some of my favorite nail crystals see my Budget Nail post 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed, and that if you didn’t shop Ali before, you’re welcome for putting ya on 😉

I have some items on the way so I will be posting an AliExpress haul soon! Leave a comment if you have any favorites or cool finds from this site!

DIP Powder Nails on a Budget

I have made several posts so far on my at-home nail journey and really have come a long way since I started doing my nails myself. Long gone are the days of waiting hours in the salon and coughing up upwards of $60 for a fresh manicure. Along with the high price tag of getting your nails done in a salon, it also can be unsanitary.

Salons aside, doing your nails at home can be super fun and save you tons of money! As a beginner, it can seem overwhelming and honestly if you aren’t sure what to buy or where to buy it, this can be super expensive! We’re trying to save money here ladies!

So this beginner friendly post is here to share the tips I’ve personally found to begin doing your own nails on a budget! I will also link some affordable nail products I have purchased myself! Enjoy loves!


Nail Supplies

The most important part of doing your own nails is the actual nail-building supplies. Since this post is focused on dip powder, that is what I will focus on (let me know if by comment if you are interested in a gel and/or acrylic version as well :))

The easiest way to start using dip powder (without breaking the bank) is definitely a beginner kit! I have tried several and by far this one is my favorite!

Kiss False Nails Salon Dip Professional Dipping Kit $11

Image result for kiss beginner dip kitThis kit is super affordable (literally less than $12!!!!! what u waiting for sis) and it comes with everything you need to begin your dipping journey! The most important items being obviously dip powder, brush on gel and an activator. This kit also includes nail tips for my long nailed sistahhss like myself but they are totally optional. My favorite part in this kit that I have found lacking in others is the dip tray. It seems like a small detail but trust me girls it saves you SO much dip powder (and from making a huge mess lol)

I have tried several other kits previously and found this is the best (and most affordable) to begin dipping. Once you have this kit as a foundation, you can purchase any other color of dip powders and re-purchase activator/gel as you run out! Overall a great kit to start out, and it comes with a perfect french-style pink which goes great with the white tips but also can be painted over.

Nail Files or Drill

This is where it is up to your discretion how you want to shape/file the nails. The kit mentioned above does include a nail file (not the best quality tbh) so I recommend purchasing additional nail files of better quality. Here are some of my faves all under $2 (click pics for links if you’re in a shopping mood)!!

ASP Zebra Angle Board Nail File 180/180  Sally’s Nail File $1.50

Beauty Secrets 100/180 Rectangle Zebra Cushion Nail FileSally’s Nail File $0.89

If you are interested in purchasing a drill, which definitely makes your life easier, here is the one I use from Amazon.Electric Nail Drill Professional Nail File Drill Acrylic Nails Kit for Manicure Gel Nail Polish Remover with 1 Pack of Sanding Bands(Pink)

This drill is great for beginner since it comes with several different drill bits and a TON of replacements. It has worked great for me so far and was only $26.99!

-Top Coat, Polish, Bling

The last thing on the list is totally optional and depends on the look you are going for. The look I completed with this kit was a french (I wanted to use the pink included) All I added on top was a top coat and some bling. If you don’t want the pink/french look feel free to top off the dip with a gel or regular polish.

Here’s some of my fave budget-friendly picks

Sally Hansen- Insta Dri Clearly Quick-0.31 fl oz, Size: 0.31 ozSally Hansen Quick Dry Top Coat $3.96

These crystals from Micheals are on the pricier side, but they always have 50% off one item coupons in the newspaper, so stock up on a couple coupons to get them at a better price

Swarovski Create Your Style Xirius Nail Combo, Crystal Ab By Swarovski Elements | MichaelsMicheals Swarovski Crystals $9.99

One of my favorite places to get crystals, glitter and all cute nail things is AliExpress. If you aren’t familiar with the site it is super affordable and based out of China. The prices are great but shipping does take lowkey forever so keep that in mind, but a great option to stock up if you have patience. Here are some of my fave purchases from AliExpress! (ALWAYS look at reviews before purchasing)

Now that we have all the ingredients for poppin’ nails, let’s get started!


  1. Gently buff natural nail with file to remove excess shine
  2. If using tips, apply tips to nails with nail glue (or skip this step) and shape nails to desired shape

If you are using tips be sure to properly fit to nails to avoid premature lifting. For a chart on nail shapes see my previous post DIY Dip Powder Nails.

3. Now it’s time to dip, the first step is to apply the brush-on-gel to the nails (make sure you do one at a time)

The process is brush-on-gel > dip > brush-on-gel > dip

Repeat this process until nail is as thikk as you want it to be

**Make sure to brush off excess powder in between dips BEFORE adding more                       gel (this will save you from ruining the gel) This kit comes with a small black                       sponge to use but an old (CLEAN) makeup brush works better

4. Once you have built each nail with the dip powder, we apply enough activator to coat whole nail (this can be done to all nails at once)

     5. Now we file, file the nail until it is perfectly smooth, at this point you can also reinforce the shape if it was lost by the dip powder

6.  Now that the hard part is over… time to DECORATE

As I said before, at this point you can paint over nails with a polish, or just                             add top coat and BLING or any other decorations you want.

Here are some of the sets I have done recently!


I hope this post was helpful! Leave me a comment with any questions or any posts you would like from me in the future!

Coming soon: DIY Holographic Nails and Gel Nails for Beginners

Thanks for reading

-Love Frankie

My Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial

As much as a sister loves full glam, I just don’t have the time (or energy) to do it every day. I commute to university a few days a week, which forces me to drag myself out of bed early and get myself together.

This look has evolved quite a bit over the years and I’ve really mastered my 20-minute natural-glam makeup. I had to share this look with y’all to help out my fellow always-running-late sisters.

Everyday Makeup Routine

1. Eyebrows

The same as with any of my makeup tutorials, this one starts with the brows. I have changed up my brow routine (for the better). I create the shape of my brows by marking 3 points: the start, the arch and the tail/end. To find these points you can use a pencil or other straight object.

Once you have the brow guidelines I use a pencil to outline what I want to fill in. The pencil I have been using is from Sephora, it’s a little light for me which is why I go over this outline with my trusty ELF pomade. I still create hair strokes to make them look more natural & do not draw too close to the brow start.

Once I’m happy with my rough brow outline, I cut and shape with concealer (it cosmetics bye bye under eye) and set the brow with a clear brow gel.

2. Prime & Foundation

I switch up my primers a lot as you may know, today I stuck with my blur stick. Once I apply a thin layer and buff it in with a beauty blender its time for foundation.

I used my Real Techniques beauty blender and my Esteé Lauder double wear foundation in 2W2 Rattan.

I love this foundation because it stays matte and lasts all day!

For concealer, you know the drill with my it cosmetics concealer, i use it to highlight under the eyes and any other high points of the face.

3. Set Bitch

Setting powder is lowkey an inconvenience for me but what can ya do? It’s necessary. I used my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder and the same beauty sponge to bake where I concealed my face.

While I’m baking (lol) I usually bronze up under my cheekbones to warm up the skin before contour. I’ve been uSing this Stila Bronzer in medium and my butter bronzer in deep bronze by Physicians Formula to contour.

I also contour my forehead, jawline and nose.

I used to always skip blush because it scared me, but it really helps with the natural/flushed look i was going for. I’ve been loving this light Tarte blush “quirky” that I got in an Ipsy bag!

4. Eyes

I know what you’re thinking, we didn’t skip highlighter, I just save it for last 😉

For the sake of time, since this is a quick easy makeup look, I kept the eyeshadow very simple.

I literally only used the taupe and brown shades ( Divine & Creation) in my Venus palette on a blending brush to warm up my crease and add dimension. That easy sis.

For the inner corner I used the bronzed highlighter in my ABH Sun dipped Glow Kit.

I decided to not bother with eyeliner today, so I did a quick coat of mascara and popped on these AMAZING Kiss lashes in PageBoy! Guys these lashes are the bomb, seriously, you’ll see.

The lashes were a little long so I did have to trim the inner corner but the end product was worth it.

5. Lips

I pretty much do the same lip routine every day.. I love my nude Nyx lip pencil in Muave and the Maybelline liquid lippy in Driver. It’s the perfect nude on my skin tone and lasts all day!!

6. Highlighter

Finish this ish off with some glow & you are good to go girl. I never can decide on which highlighter to use for the day ( kind of why I save it for last) but I decided to go with an old favorite : the purple and pink shades (Tourmaline & Moonstone) of that same Glow Kit! I applied it to my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my brow bones and Cupid’s bow.

And that’s the whole look! I hope some of you try this look out (or atleast the lashes) seriously once you get the hang of it you’ll be out the door & fierce in no time 😉



Project Pan Update January 2019 – Makeup Skincare & Hair

Hey beautiful,

Am I the only one that felt like January lasted forever this year? Not saying it was necessarily a bad month at all, just somewhat dragged for me.  As my winter break from college is ending, and I am starting up my classes it has definitely started to pick up as I am growing super busy!

Anyways, one thing I’m trying to push this year is finishing up my products! I have so many makeup, skincare and hair products I have nowhere to put them, and since I’m moving soon I really need to minimize my collection.  As much as I love buying new products, I’m not as efficient with finishing them, which brings us here.. I’ll be sharing all the products I’ve emptied this month and my final thoughts on them.

01. Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner $3

I purchased this set of shampoo and conditioner specifically because it is for dry and damaged hair.  I actually have pretty long hair ( it reaches my lower back) and through the years my hair has been through it, with all the times I’ve dyed it and fried it with blow-dryers and my straightener.  I finished up the shampoo a while ago and just recently emptied the conditioner, I loved the clean scent it left on my hair and it kept away my frizz leaving my hair silky soft.


Before you jump on this product, upon further investigation to it’s ingredients, it contains Behentrimonium chloride, a skin and eye irritant, and Dimethicone which also may cause rashes and in rare cases hair loss.  While I did enjoy this conditioner I will not be re-purchasing this or other Suave products, nor recommending it.  If you don’t care about the ingredients in your hair-care this still does have some good ingredients but doesn’t fit into my preferences.

Rating: 2/5

02 ColourPop Amber Crystal Collection Setting Spray

This was the first product out of this collection that I have finished, while I didn’t love the other products, this one was a yes for me.  This setting spray is infused with amber, which I loved and it smells amazing.  The one thing I didn’t like was how it sprayed, the sprayer thing was just bad, if you don’t hold it a decent amount of space from your face be ready to be showered.  That was a little over-dramatic, but it definitely did spray me enough to make me have to dab the excess off.

cp setting spray

So as far as this setting spray, I liked it and would probably try a different kind of ColourPop setting spray just not this particular one.

Rating: 3/5

03 IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye Concealer $26

I absolutely love this concealer, I have been using it for a while now and have already re-purchased it.  The creamy formula makes it perfect for the under-eye area as well as for cutting the brows etc.,  it also offers a ton of coverage.  I use the shade neutral medium and it works well with my skin tone but I definitely could have gone lighter.

it concealer

This is a great concealer that I will continue to use and definitely recommend for ya’ll to try out!

Rating 5/5

04 Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Illuminating Spray $8

I know what you’re thinking, yes another setting spray but guys I am addicted to setting spray. Literally, I spritz myself all throughout the day, which probably explains why I blow through it so fast.  I liked the way this spray set my makeup, and the sprayer did spritz an even mist onto my face, the only thing I didn’t like was the smell, it’s not bad but not pleasant either.

mr setting sp;ray

This product claims to have light reflecting particles for a natural glow and I really believe it is illuminating. Overall, this is a great affordable setting spray and I recommend this and the other Makeup Revolution setting sprays.

Rating 4/5

05 HD Flawless Translucent Setting Powder $7

I finished this powder surprisingly quickly, and unfortunately was not too impressed.  I chose the translucent shade because I wanted it to brighten/highlight parts of my face, but found it leaving an intense white-cast that was intensified in photos.  The powder does a decent job setting and mattifying the face, but instead of hiding my pores and fine lines it kind of accentuated them.

I just found that close up, this powder did not look very nice on the skin and was pretty cakey. I probably wouldn’t buy this again because it didn’t work for me, but if I did I would try a different shade.

Rating 3/5

06 Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer $16-$36

I remember I originally purchased this when I noticed it had rosehip and argan oil in it, while I do not usually shop Urban Decay I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with this primer, it lives up to it’s smoothing, pore reducing claims. I love the way my makeup applies over this primer, it helps create a smooth base for even makeup application.  The consistency of this primer is very smooth and it makes the skin super soft, immediately after application you will notice it filling your pores and fine lines.

ud primer

This primer is a little pricey, but in my opinion totally worth it!

Rating 5/5

07 Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara $4

I purchased this on vacation in Europe over the summer, I ran out of mascara and this one claimed to bring volume, curl and lash lifting effects.  At first I really liked the brush because it was dense with bristles, curved and quite large, but I found it made the lashes somewhat clumpy and was pretty messy.  The mascara smelled kind of bad too, not that I think a mascara has to smell good to like the product but this smell in particular was off-putting for me.

essence mascara

This mascara definitely came in handy in a pinch and I actually used it all the way up so it wasn’t terrible but not one of my favorites. You can read about my favorite mascara by Milk Makeup here.

Rating 4/5

Hopefully you enjoyed the products I’ve finished up this month! Join me on my journey to clearing out my beauty stash!



Fake Eyelashes – Beginner Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!

So fake eyelashes have become a staple in my makeup routine, for someone with naturally straight and short lashes, strip lashes are a life saver! It is an easy and inexpensive way to add dramatic affect to your makeup and glam up your look!

I was definitely overwhelmed when I started applying strip lashes as it can be quite complicated of a task when you are first starting out. Which is why I am here, to explain all the tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years for applying strip lashes and making sure they stay on all day!

Types of Lashes

I wanted to start by explaining the different types of false lashes, if you go into a drug store, you will find a ton of different styles of strip lashes with all different types of bands.  There is also individual lashes, which mimic salon created lash extensions ( I also love doing these and will be doing a post on DIY lash extensions soon!)

When I mentioned lashes having different bands on them, I was referring to the actual strip that allows you to apply the lashes. It can be a thicker darker strip, which is more stiff and difficult to apply, or a thinner strip which is flexible and much easier to apply.

For beginners, I definitely recommend trying to stick to thinner bands, like in the second picture, so you have less trouble with lifting and attaching to your eye.

Along with the slightly different strips of lashes, there are tons of different styles of lashes all creating different effects on the eye. Some of my favorite styles of lashes are wispy lashes which create a flirty affect usually by a thinner amount of lashes made up of different sized lashes, cat-eye style lashes grow longer towards the end creating a similar look to winged liner.

There are also different materials that lashes are made up that can create different effects, these are the most common that I have found.

wispy lashes
Synthetic Lashes: Dark black color of the lash, more dramatic and slightly shiny.
3D Lashes
3-D Lashes, different lengths and sizes of lashes, creating a full and wispy affect, lots of lash definition and curl,
mink lashes
Mink Lashes: Silky feeling, very fluffy and soft, offer a flirty and more luxurious look
human hair lashes
Human Hair Lashes: probably the most natural effect, mimics how real lashes would look, blends well with natural lashes,

Now that you are familiar with the different styles and materials you are ready to pick out your perfect lashes and apply them!

Eyelash Application

So all you really need to apply lashes is lash glue, which sounds simple but as there are many types of lashes there are also many types of glue. One thing to make sure is that you DO NOT purchase the glue for individual lashes and use it for strips, it will ruin your natural lashes.  Lash glue usually comes in a brush on form or in a tube, I usually prefer it in a tube because I think it is easier to apply an even layer of glue. Lash glue also comes in a dark color that dries black, or white which dries clear.  Black lash glue is perfect if you are wearing eyeliner to blend in the lashes, but can be messy, white to clear glue is very user friendly and my personal favorite

I have been using DUO lash glue for years, it lasts all day, comes in dark and white and the actual product will last you a long time all for like $6!!

Make sure when you are applying the glue, that you apply a thin layer evenly across the lash strip, you want the glue to begin drying and become tacky before you apply the lash.  If the glue is not dry enough the lash will move around and not stick, if the glue is too dry you won’t adhere the lash securely.

lash glue

Another good tip, especially if you have super long nails like me, is to use eyelash applicators.  I have been using this pair by Japonesque for years, you can read my full review of them here.  Lash applicators make it easier to get your fingers in there without struggling or accidentally stabbing yourself in the eye..

Another tip is, if the lash is too long and doesn’t sit comfortably on your eye I recommend trimming it to fit, or you will struggle all day with the lash poking you or lifting in the corners.

As far as the actual application of the lash, I usually adhere the middle first and then attach the inner and outer corners. This has just been the easiest technique for me, but through trial and error you will find out what works for you.

Once the lash is on, I use my lash applicators to squeeze the lash to my natural lashes making sure it is fully secured.

And now you have fierce & flirty lashes, I hope you enjoyed and leave a comment of your favorite false lashes! I love trying out new lash styles!

Here’s some pics of me wearing strip lashes!

lashes 01lashes 02lashes 03lashes 04



DIY Full Set Purple Vibes Dip Powder Nail Tutorial

So recently I did a post explaining the basics of the nail dip powder system. Learning to do my own nails has saved me so much money and has become something I really enjoyed doing! I love expressing myself through my nails, learning new techniques and personalizing my manicure.

In this post, I’ll be taking you step by step through my full set application. For the basics on how to dip your nails read my Beginner dip nail tutorial.

So my inspiration today was purple, my boyfriend recently bought me a bunch of glitter for my nails and this purple one was totally calling my name!!

I always do my nails over paper towel, if you’re messy like me take precautions. I also wear a mask over my nose and mouth to prevent myself from inhaling any dust through dipping or filing.

1. Apply dip powder to nails

Even though I am doing purple nails I used my Kiara Sky Clear dipping powder because it’s my favorite, feel free to use any color!

I apply 3 coats of the dip system before sealing it. When you first start out you might need to get the hang of it before you get an even, smooth dip every time. Also make sure you brush off the excess powder in between dips, I go through this in detail in my previous post.

Here’s my nails, first second and third dip

2. File and shape

Once I sealed in the dip, I file my nails so they are smooth. Like I said, once you get the hang of it, you will have to do less work filing, I pretty much just go over the whole nail to make sure it’s smooth.

3. Paint

Now it’s time for the fun part, I decided to do one glitter nails, 2 camouflage nails and the rest purple. The first thing I did was the glitter, I love glitter but it’s a mess and it stresses me out.

I applied a layer of clear nail polish and then poured the glitter over the nail and allowed it to dry. Once the glitter nails dried I encapsulated it with a thin layer of clear acrylic. I prefer to encapsulate glitter in acrylic versus dip powder because I found my clear powder dulling the glitter a little.

I painted the rest of my nails with two coats of Ciate’s Paint Pot polish on Spinning Teacup. It’s a beautiful pale lavender shade.

I chose the nails I wanted a camo design on and painted the two I was leaving purple with a clear coat.

This camo design is super easy, you just choose a few colors in your color palette, I almost always add black and white as well. I use a set of small paint brushes from Walmart, all these brushes are really useful when doing your nails but for this I specifically used the thin pointed pencil brush.

These are the polishes I chose : Sinful Colors in Tempest, Trust Fund Beauty’s Zero Carbs, Deborah Lippmann in Love Hangover plus a black and white polish.

Like I said camouflage nails are super easy you just paint different shaped and colored blobs, lol, I usually do about 3 spots of each color and then fill in any empty spots with black or white.

4. Top Coat and Bling

Make sure your design is COMPLETELY dry before top coating or it will run and get smudged. Once it dried, I top coated everything and decided to apply a couple stones to my plain nails.

I really love how these nails came out!!! I hope you try out camo nails or dip powder, if you do definitely send me your manis!!



Trip to the Balkans – Travel Series Pt.1

This series is my travel diaries from my trip to Europe touring the Balkans, I worked with Treasures Tours on the Adriatic Adventure Tour through the beautiful countries of Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Croatia.

I began my journey in Stara Pazova, Serbia before meeting with the rest of the group. I was in awe at the beauty of Serbia leaving the airport, we stayed at the Hotel Vila Sunce which was walking distance from the cultural town center.

Our first full day in Serbia began with a visit to a local outdoor produce market Zelena Pijaca after breakfast where we sampled different Serbian delicacies, held some baby chicks and got to meet some amazing local people. After enjoying some gelato, we embarked on our day trip to the Srem District of Serbia, specifically Sremski Karlovci also known as the city of wine culture and spirituality.

This beautiful city lies on the coast of the Denube river and we toured a local fishing dock and restaurant, Dunav, where we enjoyed a beer while the owner caught our lunch.  While we waited for our fresh lunch to be prepared, we took a walk through the historic town admiring it’s architecture and style.

frank n sunflowers

After filling up on freshly caught fish, we made it back to the hotel to relax before taking a trip by car to the lively city of Belgrade, Serbia. Belgrade immediately caught the attention of the shopaholic in me, the streets lined with shoe stores and boutiques.  After shopping around and enjoying the scenery we grabbed a light dinner, for my dad just cake, at a restaurant with outdoor seating in the center of the city.

adriatic adventure 2018-0019

With our stomachs full, we made our troop back to Stara Pazova to rest, in the morning we began our drive to Bosnia-Herzegovina.  The first city we visited in Bosnia was Sarajevo, we stayed at a lovely hotel that was a quick walk over a bridge to the city filled with local merchants, cafes and the occasional hookah lounge. We toured through the old part of town, Baščaršija, and enjoyed Cevapcici a Bosnian minced meat served with onions in bread.

adriatic adventure 2018-0005

Adriatic Adventure 2018-0004.jpg

After more shopping, be prepared for a good amount of shopping throughout this trip, we stopped for Turkish coffee and Rose lemonade at an indoor/outdoor beautiful cafe. For lunch we enjoyed soup, shopski salad and goulash from Nanina Kuhinja in Sarajevo.



Our third day in Sarajevo was sadly our last, we started the day with a formal tour of the old part of the city before hopping on the bus and traveling to Mostar, Bosnia where we stayed at Hotel Villa Milas, walking distance to the Stari Most. The Stari Most is a reconstruction of a bridge that was destroyed during war.



We walked the old bridge and toured the historic town of Mostar, Bosnia, and ate dinner at the Hindin Han restaurant overlooking the water where they served large platters of different meats, vegetables and of course french fries.


We started off the next morning with a stunning hike to a castle up a mountain overlooking Polcitelj, Bosnia, the view was definitely worth the exercise and ruining my sandals.


Still not 100% sure we were allowed to tour the castle ruins but we showed ourselves up.

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Our mid-afternoon gelato provided us with energy for the next event for the day, visiting Kravice Falls. These waterfalls are something you must see if you’re traveling in Bosnia, especially in the summer, it is a great place to swim on a hot day! We swam, had a burger and a beer while enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

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We enjoyed our last night in Mostar by embracing it’s nightlife, enjoying some drinks and taking in the scenery before we arrived in Albania.


We were welcomed into Albania by yet another feast, as we arrived at our hotel after a long day of driving.  Our hotel, overlooking the city of Kruje was in the center of town, right next to the markets, the fifth century castle and museum and of course another little hike.


After walking through the Albanian history museum, and taking in the views from the top of the mountain, we re-fueled with espresso before heading into town to check out the shops and cafes!

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I hope you enjoyed part one of my Adriatic Adventure, stay tuned for part two where we finish up our stay in Albania and travel to Montenegro and Croatia, finishing up this trip in Slovakia!

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